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New easy-to-use personal conception calculator of woman's periods, ovulation and safe days for love
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10 June 2010

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Life in this modern era has become hectic for women as they need to manage so many things altogether. Now with Advanced Woman Calendar 2.1 you can effortlessly manage your days for experiencing a better life. Keep a record of what you do and schedule your activities with ease remembering all the required details of the different aspects relating to you. As you feel proud enough to be woman, you should also keep up to it by managing all the things that make you feel so and this where the software comes in real handy. It’s so easy to use that you can have the features customized according to your requirements for having a catch on your life. It can be easily downloaded due to it relative concise file size and installation too is a smooth affair.

Advanced Woman Calendar 2.1 software solves the problem that you often face for remembering such as when you had the intimate moments with your partner and the time when you can successfully conceive. The program shows up the calendar that you can store the data with that too date wise. You can set the details for when you had your menstrual period going on so that you can keep a record that the cycle is going on proper or not. Spending the moments with your partner is not countable but if you’re planning to conceive that you need to keep a track of it. Set the time when you took the pills, set the days with bad or good mood and even you can set the temperature for the day. For setting all these features you just need to click on the date and you would get the options. You can also note something special happened to you by writing the notes on the particular dates. Whether you’re expecting for a boy or girl to complete your family, the program would guide for conceiving also. You can have the features customized according to your wish for ‘menstruation’, ’ovulation’, ‘low fertility’, ‘has note’, etc. It would help you remember the things or details attached to the dates. You also have the assistance of the ‘Help File’ for easily using the features of the program.

Advanced Woman Calendar 2.1 software would support your liberty for taking the right decisions relating to your life. The software has been given 4.5 rating for it deals efficiently with the women’s needs. After all being a Woman is not that easy.

Publisher's description

Advanced Woman Calendar is a new personal ovulation calculator of woman cycles, ovulation and safe days for intercourse. This software helps you to avoid or achieve conceiving, or even enhance baby gender prediction. Advanced Woman Calendar can help you to use a natural contraception method. It shows you the days when you are fertile, ovulation days and non-fertile days. The results are shown as a color-coded ovulation calendar.
If you are looking for a hormone-free method, this is for you.An ovulation calendar is a table pinpointing your most fertile period during the cycle.
Who Needs Advanced Woman Calendar?
You do, if you:
- Track your cycles on paper (or don't track them at all)
- Are trying to conceive a baby
- Are trying not to get pregnant
- Want to increase your chances of having a baby boy or girl
- Don't like being surprised by your periods
- Want to know your most probable menstruation days several months in advance
Want to become pregnant?
You are most fertile when you are ovulating, so if you know the ovulation time, this can help to find the best time to have a baby.
Ovulation calendar shows the probability of conceiving based on your ovulation date and other factors like the life span of the egg and sperm.Have you been struggling to start a family? Does it seem that nothing can help? Are you thinking of looking into other means to aid in fertility? Try to use the pregnancy calculator, a great way to increase probability of making your baby dreams come true.
Want to avoid pregnancy?
The ovulation calendar can be a great software for anyone who wish to avoid pregnancy. It's a natural contraception method that does not require remembering to take something every day.
Wish to predict the baby gender?
Advanced Woman Calendar helps you to calculate the best time for conception, and increases your chances of conceiving a baby of specific gender.
Advanced Woman Calendar
Advanced Woman Calendar
Version 3.0
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